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Just a few things to go over before booking.


Please note: when making a booking you are agreeing to the terms and conditions listed below

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When booking with Miss Butterfly's Face Painting (also referred to as MBFP) or allowing your child to participate in activities run by Miss Butterfly’s Face Painting you are agreeing to the terms and conditions listed below:


Miss Butterfly’s Face Painting Packages: 

Please ensure you book the correct package for your event - See Packages table for details. 

Failure to do so may result in inadequate preparation or time resulting in children missing out. If you are unsure of which package best suits you, please contact Miss Butterfly’s Face Painting. 

Bookings must be made at least 72 hours before the booking date. 


Additional Children:

When making a booking, please ensure you book for the correct number of children attending your event. If more children are expected, please advice Miss Butterfly’s Face Painting at least 72 hours before your event so your booking can be adjusted. This is subject to availability. If there are significantly more children at the event than booked for, some will unfortunately miss out. (For example if you have booked for 12 children and 15 attend, some of these children will miss out).

Additional Time: 

If more time is required during the booking due to unforseen circumstances this will be charged in 15-minute blocks at $30. This is subject to time availability as we generally have other bookings following. Please note, this includes additional time required to fix and/or redo face paintings that have been smudged due to other activities (e.g. washed of in pool water and smudged from sweating) and the replacing of popped balloons. 

If additional time is required due to the entertainer arriving late to unforseen circumstances, the full length of the booking will be carried out from time of arrive at no additional cost to the host (e.g. if we are 10 minutes late starting, we will stay the extra 10 minutes at the end of the booking so the total time is equal to the total time booked for). If it is not possible to stay for the additional time, the difference will be refunded. 


Booking Cancelations, Change of Date, Alterations and Reducing Booking Lengths:

A minimum of 72 hours notice must be given for all cancelations, change of date, alterations to activities and time reductions of booking lengths. Failure to do so may result in the full amount being charged and you will deprive other people from making bookings. 

Please note that the deposit made at the time of booking is none refundable.  

Activity Selection:

During an event our staff do their best to perform all activities that have been booked. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, stuff may advice against a particular activity.  

For example, if it is particularly windy we may advise against balloon twisting as balloons will blow away and pop. 

If required we will discuss with the host on the day and may advise an alternative activity or extend an activity already booked. You also have the option to reduce the amount of time relevant to the particular activity that cannot be conducted. If time is reduced, total amount due will also be reduced relevant to the time reduction. 

Please note, if an activity cannot be carried out due to a client fault, the total booking time cannot be reduced. However we can discuss alternative activities and extending activities already booked. 

Working Conditions:

It is the responsibility of the host to provide adequate working conditions. On warmer days a cool, sheltered area must be provided and on cooler days a warm, sheltered area must be provided. Adequate light must be provided, particularly for work being carried out in the evening or at night. 

Sufficient space must be provided for each activity booked. Face painting and balloon twisting require a minimum of 2m by 2m and larger events must have space for a line. Party games require a minimum of 3m by 3m for most games and a space 5m by 2m minimum for races. Craft activities require a minimum of 3m by 3m. If these space requirements cannot be met please notify Miss Butterfly’s Face Painting at time of booking. 

Please note that there is to be no consumption of alcohol or smoking near the area where any activities are being completed but Miss Butterfly’s Face Painting. The safety of children and staff is paramount, therefore all of the activities must be carried out in a safe environment and free of items that may cause harm. It is the responsibility of the host to provide a safe area. 

We reserve the right to leave any booking if these requirements are not met and/or our entertainer feels unsafe or uncomfortable. The full amount for booking will still be charged. 



All photographs taken at events will be published on our website (www.mbfp.com.au) and/or any social media accounts/business listings held by Miss Butterfly’s Face Painting, unless otherwise notified. These photographs may be used for advertising purposes. If you do not wish to have a photograph taken of you or your child please advise the staff member. If you wish to have password protection on your event album on our website please let us know via email before your booking.


Children Behaviour, Supervision, Health and Safety:

It is the responsibility of the host, parent or guardian to ensure all participants behave appropriately and safely. This includes the overall supervision of the group of children.  Miss Butterfly's Face Painting takes all necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of all children but is ultimately the responsibility of the host, parent or guardian to supervise the group. 

It is advised the host of the event notifies guests of the activities to be carried out and requests information regarding allergies, skin conditions, and other health concerns that may prevent a child from participating in any of the activities. 

Stuff members reserve the right to refuse service to any child or adult who is acting inappropriately or unsafely. In addition, we will not face paint or balloon twist any subject matter that we deem offensive or disturbing. We will not paint any part of the body that is not legal to expose or any place we do not feel comfortable painting.



All face painting and related products and materials are cosmetic grade, water based, non-toxic and purchased within Australia. Further informational and ingredients lists are available upon request. 

It is the responsibility of the host, parent or guardian to notify staff of any allergies, skin conditions, and other health concerns that may be triggered by face painting and related products. If a reaction is triggered remove paint and glitter immediately with clean water. 

Face painter reserves the right to refuse to paint anyone who appears to be sick or is suffering from any relevant health conditions. This includes, but is not limited to: cold sores, conjunctivitis, sunburn, eczema, skin infections and open wounds. These determinations are at the painter’s discretion. Miss Butterfly’s Face Painting and our staff are not liable for any damage sustained from allergic reactions or other effects on health caused by any of the products and equipment used. 

The host, parent or guardian understands darker face paints will linger and must be removed with mild soap, water and washcloth. Clothes and belonging that come into contact with face paints may also be stained. 

We advice against children under the age of 3 having a painting. We will not paint any child who is in distress and/or does not wish to have their face painted. 

We advise the host, parent or guardians supervise children with balloons at all times. If a balloon pops, disposed of rubbish immediately.  


When making a booking a non-refundable deposit is required to secure booking. This deposit is included in the total package cost. This deposit must be made within 72 hours of making the booking. Failure to do so may result in the booking being cancelled. Payment can be made online via credit or debit card or via EFT. Please refer to your invoice fore further information.


Payment on the day can be made with a credit or debit card via our mobile merchant facilities. No additional charges apply. For information specific to the third party mobile phone app used please visit paynow-app.com. If previously arranged, businesses and not-for-profit organizations can pay via cheque. 

Payment before the event can be made with invoice. Invoice includes a link to pay online with a credit or debit card. For information specific to the third party payment facilities used please visit stripe.com. Invoice also includes electronic funds transfer details. Please provide a receipt (or screenshot) when paying via EFT to info@mbfp.com.au. 

Payment with invoice must be made a minimum of 48 hours prior to the event. Please refer to individual invoice for payment due date. 


Service Area:

Please see service area map for travel zone boundaries. Events within the pink free travel zone will incur no travel fee. Events within the blue travel zone will incur a flat $15 travel fee. Events within the green travel zone and beyond will incur a travel fee subject to distance. These fees will be added to the total amount due after the booking has been confirmed. Availability for bookings in the blue and green zones limited. Please contact Miss Butterfly’s Face Painting before making a booking. 


Car Parking:

Please ensure adequate parking is provided. Free parking must be made available for the full length of the booking, plus additional time for set up and pack up (e.g. sufficient parking time length restrictions). If parking fees are incurred this is at the hosts expense (e.g. cost for ticketed parking). If a parking fine is occurred as a result of not providing sufficient parking for the required length, the cost of this fine will be passed onto the host.  


Insurance and WWC:

Miss Butterfly’s Face Painting holds current Public Liability Insurance covering up to 20 million dollars.  

All our staff hold current Working with Children Check’s and are subject to Police Checks. 

Further information is available upon request.

Changes to this Policy:  

This policy is subject to change. We advise you read this document each time you use our website.  


If you require further information please feel free to contact Miss Butterfly’s Face Painting immediately. Email us at info@mbfp.com.au or message us on Facebook. 




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